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About Artie

I always ask spirit to accompany in every reading I want everyone to feel comfortable, authentic and loved"


My Name is Artie Riley, I came to the United States in 1995. I was born in Kiev, Ukraine and after the second Great War my family was working on moving to the United States. I have a had a really amazing childhood, surrounded by family I love and who are very supportive. After High School I really didn't know what I wanted to do with my life and had no real direction till I really fell in love with music. I have always had the gift of clairaudience so I had a good ear for music. I also had signs from a young age of being an empath and very intuitive it started out with me giving readings to a few friends here and there and escalated into growing into a business. My over all goal including my music and readings is just to help people find their sense of direction there have been many people I came across in my life to help me find mine. I would like to be another one of those people in your life too!


Jessica Has been working with Artie, She is his Reader!


5 years ago Jessica was fortunate enough to travel to the beautiful island of Bali.

She spent time learning about her spiritual gifts and was blessed by a local Shaman there.

He told her that she could do what he does and Jessicas life hasn’t been the same ever since!

Spirit works through her to rely messages, heal and bless others. 

Jessica has been studying tarot for many years and has great experience as a psychic.


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House of Clubs

Hello My Spiritual

Friends and Family!

I am offering virtual classes for empaths! I can show you the best ways to work with energy and manifest anything you want in life and to be able to become the best version of you!



Psychic Reading

Intuitive Tarot Reading Traditional tarot cards and gypsy fortune cards, for advice and a look to what is to come!-Available over the phone!

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Past Life Regression

This is a meditation and trance where we explore your akashki records and look into your past life! Sessions take about 90 Minutes

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Private Parties

If you Grab a group of friends and have a reading party I would be more then happy to assist! Prices are adjusted for the length of party. (Amount of Guests)


Learn Divination

Learn about your spiritual gifts how to increase your intuition how to read tarot or oracle cards, Programs designed to each person we go as fast as you'd like and work on your schedule!

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Connecting to Guides or past loved ones sessions to be able to receive messages from ones who passed or our guides to help us on our spiritual journeys!

You can book as a normal Reading!

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Reiki is a form of energy healing that can help with ignores and aligning our chakras. This isn't used as a substitute for any treatment just an assistance!

Session booked on special Request



"From the start Artie was very personable, friendly and knowledgeable. He helped me feel at ease as we sat down for my reading. He listened to my needs and guided the session from there. He explained things simply, connected different parts of the picture, asked intelligent questions and shared what he saw.
I've been seeking spiritual guidance for years and felt like I met a soul brother. Artie is down to earth, funny and accessible. After my reading I felt very empowered, inspired and confident about myself and my journey. I highly recommend scheduling a reading of any kind with him. It is well worth your time to explore tools and tips that will help you along your path."

-Molly G, Goolge